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What are soft fruits?
Create your own butterfly feeder

Create your own mini wildlife pond

Butterflies are some of the prettiest visitors to our gardens in the summer. They love feeding on all kinds of flowers, but we can give them a helping hand and tempt even more fluttery friends to stop by our garden by making our own butterfly feeders

butterfly feeder materials

To get started you’ll need:

  • A paper plate
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Some over-ripe, mushy fruit – like old peaches or bananas

How to make your butterfly feeder:

threading string through paper plate

Step 1:

Ask a grown up to help you make four holes around the rim of your plate using the scissors. Make sure they’re equally spaced and big enough to thread the string through

Step 2:

Optional: decorate your strings with colourful beads to make your butterfly feeder even more funky!

beads & flower patch

Step 3:

Thread a piece of string through each hole and tie at the bottom, underneath the plate

Step 4:

Now tie all top ends of string together above the plate. The plate should now be able to hang if you hold it up with the strings

butterfly feeder

Step 5:

Place pieces of mushy fruit like kiwis and peaches onto the plate

Step 6:

Hang it up near some flowers

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