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Jacob Letts

Jacob Letts

aged 4, Northampton

“At just four years old Jacob already has a keen interest in gardening. He loves growing his own fruit and vegetables and always wants to grow something new and different each season” 

Little Seedlings workshops

Jacob Letts

January Workshop – Growing plants without soil

This month Liz taught us about plants that grow in water and don’t require soil. We spoke about how growing plants this way is less messy!

During the workshop we had to close our eyes and imagine what the world was like millions of years ago - I imagined T Rex’s. Liz told us that some of the dinosaurs used to eat the plants as food. We also learned all about plants in different civilisations

At the end we made a little garden in a jar and added some seeds that we are to keep moist and the seeds will eventually grow!

Jacob Letts

December Workshop – Christmas Party

I had a party at Little Seedlings and made a decoration for my Christmas tree

Father Christmas was there, and we danced and had lots of fun. I wrote a letter to Father Christmas and gave it to him at the end

Liz, the workshop leader let us sing Christmas songs too and gave me a reindeer biscuit with a sweetie on top

November workshop

November Workshop – Christmas Gifts from the garden

At the Little Seedlings workshop we learned all about what you can forage in your garden, the different types of animals you find and winter weather

I made my own Christmas tree decoration using a pinecone, that I can hang on the Christmas tree this year

October workshop

October Workshop – Seed Gathering Season in partnership with The Tree Council

I like colouring my acorn picture and sticking leaves onto it. We learnt about different types of seeds. It was fund when my group pretended to be exploding seeds and we all jumped up!

September workshop

September Workshop – Garden Senses

At the Little Seedlings workshop Liz taught us about senses. We talked about all the colours we see in the garden and then we used a magnifying glass to look at different leaves

We closed our eyes and listened to the noises around us using our ears. I had fun doing the tasting game, seeing what was sweet and sour. I tasted parsley for the first time and then Liz let me try something sweet afterwards

I made a picture with some card and drew some leaves and put pom poms in it for flowers. When I got home I dug up the potatoes I’ve been growing in my garden with my Daddy