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Lettuce Moonred Seeds

Product code: 711596


Lettuce ‘Moonred’ is an easy-to-grow, compact variety boasting excellent downy mildew resistance. Producing gorgeous romaine-style lettuces its glossy, deep-red outer leaves encompass a dense green heart in a neat and compact habit, ‘Moonred’ is perfect for gardeners with limited space, thriving happily in patio containers, window boxes or in an allotment.

As an excellent source of vitamin C, K, beta-carotene, lutein and folic acid, this variety is a nutritious addition to mixed salads and sandwiches. This variety can be directly sown outdoors throughout spring and early summer in intervals to generate a continual harvest until late autumn. Best of all, this crisp-textured variety is so deliciously sweet on its own, it does not need dressing to improve its flavour!

Packet contains 200 Lettuce Seeds.