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How to grow on plants & bulbs

How to Grow on Plants & Bulbs

How to grow on plants & bulbs


  • STEP 1 
    When plants are ready to be moved on from a smaller pot into a bigger pot
  • STEP 2
    Some plants may need potting on more than once before the plant is ready for its final position
  • STEP 3
    Add Potting on compost to the larger pot
  • STEP 4
    Position the small empty pot in the centre of the larger one
  • STEP 5
    Fill the gap between the two sizes with compost
  • STEP 6
    Remove the smaller pot from the larger pot
  • STEP 7
    Put the plant in the hole and firm into place
  • STEP 8
    Label and water, before returning to a warm and light area to grow on