How to: Care for orchids

 how to care for an orchid

Sarah Akwisombe, leading orchid special ambassador, shares simple top tips for what to do and what not to do when featuring orchids in the home

“During my time as orchid ambassador, I have learnt so much about these gorgeous little plants! I think they are often misunderstood as being hard to care for or one dimensional, but with these handy tips you'll be able to enjoy orchids as part of your decor for years to come.”


  • Get creative with how you style your orchids. There are so many variations of the flower that you could try potting them, suspending the head in water or even hanging with exposed roots. 
  • Show your personality with the style of orchid you choose. Want something classic and timeless? The Phaleonopsis is your friend. Want something more unexpected? The Dendrobium would be a perfect fit!
  • Choose a colour of orchid to fit your decor, there is one for everyone. In my colourful home, I like to keep the flowers a simple and classic white. However, if you had a more neutral room you could add a pop of colour with your orchid. They can all be a part of the overall look.


  • Overwater your orchid. I did this for so many years before I learnt how to look after them properly. Believe it or not, orchids only need about a shot glass of water once week. Easy to maintain compared with other flowers and plants, especially when life is so busy.
  • Keep your orchids near a radiator. Did you know that orchids don't like heat? Instead, keep them in an area away from any warm sources for optimum health. 
  • It is easy to think that just because the flowers have dropped that the plant is dead. In this instance, all you need to do is trim it back to just about the second node (the bumps on the spike) and it will eventually re-bloom again.

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