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Alison Pine Christmas tree assembly

How to assemble the Imperial Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

The Imperial Pine Artificial Christmas Tree is the perfect artificial tree for any home. The tree features a 3-part hinged design which offers an easy assembly and dis-assembly. Follow this easy, step-by-step guide to assembling your new Imperial Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

  • Step 1: Unfold the metal stand
  • Step 2: Add the first, largest part of the tree into the stand and secure in place
  • Step 3: Starting at the trunk, spread each branch out in a ‘V’ form
  • Step 4: Continue building the tree in order of size, spreading each layer as you go
  • Step 5: Ensure the top pieces, towards the middle, reach up higher to create a fuller, realistic shape
  • Step 6: Once all 3 pieces have been added, your tree is now ready to be decorated with string lights, baubles and a tree topper


Watch the full assembly video below: