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Grow your own raspberries

Raspberries are delicious and easy-to-grow fruits. They can be planted in any size of garden or even in containers. Why not try growing some of your own with this fun activity?

Little seedlings

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Raspberry plant (autumn-fruiting variety is preferred as these can be grown easily in containers and are great for beginners)
  • John Innes No.3 compost
  • Container with drainage holes (at least 38cm wide)

Step 1: Planting your raspberries

  • The best time to plant your raspberries is between autumn and spring, during their dormant season
  • Many raspberry plants will be sold to you already in a container, but if not, you can buy your own
  • Choose a container that’s at least 38cm wide with pre-made drainage holes
  • Fill your container with fertile, well-drained compost before planting your raspberries

Step 2: Looking after your raspberries

  • Once planted, place your raspberries in a warm, sunny spot in your garden
  • Remember to water your raspberries during dry spells
  • Feed your raspberries with high-potash fertiliser in the spring to help them grow big and strong
  • Tie in the canes of summer-fruiting varieties for support. You don’t need to do this for autumn-fruiting varieties

Step 3: Picking your raspberries

  • You should be able to harvest your raspberries between June and October
  • Your raspberries are ripe when they are in full colour and easy to pull off. If you need to tug at the berry, it’s not ready to be picked
  • Make sure to pick only ripe raspberries, as they don’t continue to ripen after being picked
  • After you've picked the fruit, cut the canes back to the ground to make way for new canes to grow

We’d love to see how your raspberry plants turn out! Take a picture, tag us and share it by using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings

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