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Gardening tips for November

Gardening tips for November

As leaves fall carpeting the ground in a tapestry of fiery colours, structural evergreen plants start to take centre stage. Deciduous trees and shrubs reveal their glorious stem colours while clusters of berries hang heavy from their branches.

Gardening tips for November


  • Pot up Amaryllis bulbs for flowering over the festive period, moving bowls of earlier planted fragrant Hyacinths or Narcissus Paper Whites to a brighter position to grow on for Christmas flower colour.
Gardening tips for November

Tubs and Baskets

  • November is the last chance to plant winter bedding. Pansies, Violas, Bellis and winter flowering Heathers are all proven winners. Plant with ruby red skimmia, hellebore (Christmas Rose), berried gaultheria and trailing Ivy for a seasonal look.
  • Protect any prized outdoor containers with hessian. Lift off the ground with pot-feet to help prevent waterlogging during the winter months.
Gardening tips for November

Beds and Borders

  • Tulip bulbs benefit from November planting, when the cooler temperatures help to prevent disease. Combine with drifts of wallflowers for a colourful spring display.
  • Cut back summer-flowering shrubs such as buddleia and lavatera by half to prevent wind rock and give evergreen hedges their final trim for a neat, crisp finish.
  • Plant new hedges, such as Beech, Hawthorn and Privet. Bare-root whips are the most economical way to create or rejuvenate a hedge.
Gardening tips for November

Cottage Garden

  • Lift and store tender dahlias touched by the first frosts, cut back and tidy faded cottage garden perennials and prune roses by one third to prevent wind rock.
  • Leave grasses and seed heads for their architectural interest, but also to support our valuable garden wildlife and pollinators!
Gardening tips for November

Fruit Garden

  • Harvest the last of the apples and pears and store in a cool airy shed on slatted benching for good air circulation, carrying out any necessary tree pruning between now and February.
  • New season ranges of raspberry canes are available for planting now, ready to support next summer’s bounty.
Gardening tips for November

Garden Tidy Up

  • Clean,oil and sharpen garden tools, and book the lawn mower in for a service.
  • Cover garden furniture with winter covers to protect from heavy rain.
  • Clear fallen leaves from the garden pond.
  • For the benefit of garden wildlife, leave some areas of the garden untouched as a winter sanctuary for insects and hibernating hedgehogs.
Gardening tips for November


  • Rake up fallen leaves to prevent them smothering and eventually killing off your grass. Add to the compost heap, or store in a separate pen for rotting down into leaf-mould.
  • Scarify established lawns to remove dead thatch, which can stifle growth in the winter months. Spike the surface with a fork or lawn aerator to help with drainage.
Gardening tips for November

Garden Birds

  • One of the joys of winter is watching our colourful garden birds, so reliant on the food and fresh water we put out to sustain them through the winter months. Position feeders as close to the house as possible, using a variety of seeds and peckers to attract a wide range of birds to your garden. Once they find you, they will become daily visitors, sheltering from the worst of the weather in your trees, shrubs and hedges. Put up nest boxes to entice them to stay in the new spring season.