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fantasy floral centrepiece

How to create a fantasy floral centrepiece

Create a stunning dining table centrepiece to wow your guests 

fantasy floral centrepiece

You will need:

  • Stems. We have used stems that can be cut from houseplants, cut from your garden and also artificial stems. 

  • Oasis block 

These items are available in our stores. 

Step-by-step guide:

  • Soak your oasis block in water. 
  • Begin adding in your greenery layer. Aim to create balance, texture and height throughout your display. We have used Asparagus fern and Smoke bush. 
  • Add your florals. Balance the colour and size. We have opted for tonal reds, which strike a stunning balance with the gold and green. 
  • Add in artificial stems to give a more graphic look. We have used faux Monstera gold leaf stems (80cm, £6.99 each) and faux Areca palm leaf (£5.99 set of 3). 
  • Place in the centre of your table ready for entertaining. If you can place the oasis block in a plastic vessel, you can keep adding water and it will keep the real foliage fresh for longer.