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mini meadow

Create your own mini meadow


Planting wildflowers is a great way to turn your garden into a special place for wildlife to enjoy! So why not have a go at ‘un-gardening’ by creating your very own mini wildflower meadow?


To get started, you’ll need:

  • Mixed flowering seeds
  • Peat-free compost
  • Garden soil
  • A medium/large pot or container with drainage holes
Mini meadow

Step 1:  Choosing the right container

  • Any pot or container that holds soil can be used for planting wildflowers
  • Wooden window boxes make great containers for your wildflowers
  • You could even use an old tyre or wheelbarrow if you have one lying around!
Mini meadow

Step 2: Preparing your pot for planting

  • If there are no drainage holes in the bottom of your container, make several holes to allow the water to drain out. You might need to ask an adult to help you do this
  • Place a layer of stones or rocks at the bottom of your container for even more drainage
  • Mix equal amounts of soil and peat-free compost. Wildflowers prefer soil that is low in nutrients, so this makes sure the soil isn’t too rich for the flowers
  • Fill the container with your soil/compost mixture, leaving about 2cm of space at the top
Mini meadow

Step 3: Planting your wildflowers

  • Scatter your mixed flowering seeds into the container in semi-circular lines. This helps to spread the seeds out evenly
  • Once scattered, lightly rake to incorporate the seeds into the soil
  • Place the pot in a warm, sunny spot
Mini meadow

Step 4: Looking after your mini meadow

  • Wildflowers are very low maintenance and apart from watering, they won’t need too much looking after!
  • Water regularly after planting until seedlings appear. Make sure to do so gently to avoid washing away seeds
  • You’ll grow a stunning mix of orange and gold that will flower all season long
  • Your meadow also has the added benefit of attracting different species of bees to your garden, meaning you can do your bit to help conserve bee populations
Mini meadow

Things to remember:

  • Your plants may flower at different times – some of the flowers in your meadow may not bloom until the spring

We’d love to see how your magnificent mini meadows turn out! Take a picture, tag us and share it by using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings 

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