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Urban Chef Kamado Small Charcoal BBQ

Product code: 886836


Barbecuing with this model of the Urban chef Kamado is not comparable to normal barbecuing. It can do everything a regular barbecue can plus much more! Three types of heat transmission are available (radiant, contact and convection heat), all conceivable barbecue techniques can be applied making it highly versatile.

Radiant heat: When you put the plate setter in the Kamado, you have indirect heat. Products that you place on the grid no longer receive direct radiant heat from the coals.

Contact heat: When no plate setter is placed, the heat goes directly from the coal to the product.

Convection heat: is a 2-zone setup, one side of the grill produces direct radiant heat, and the other side does not produce heat. On the side where there is no heat, grilling is done by means of indirect convection heat.