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Mentha Variegated 8.5cm

Product code: 599568


Mentha Variegated is sometimes known as Pineapple Mint, however it actually has an apple-like taste amongst the mint, which can add an unusual twist to your cooking and cocktails! With soft, hairy green leaves edged in white, it will add extra interest in the garden. It will grow happily in pots - and this is possibly the best option otherwise mint had a tendency to take over entire herb gardens - so why not grow a container full on your doorstep or patio?

Mint likes well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade and when given an ideal spot, it will grow for several years. The spires of mauve flowers which it produces from late summer into autumn are attractive to bees and other beneficial pollinators.

Please note that all our plants come in simple plastic pots unless otherwise stated in the product name. If you wish to pot yours up we do have a wide range of pots to choose