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Kale Jardin Mixed Seeds

Product code: 711592


Kale ‘Jardin Mixed’ is a long-cropping, ornamental variety producing frilly purple, cream, and green foliage with outstanding appeal and flavour. Perfect for mixed planting schemes, this attractive space filler will provide long-lasting colour and texture to a garden border. Boasting an exceptionally long cropping period, ‘Jardin Mixed’ can be harvested summerlong into the autumn when sown intermittently.

Increasing the visual appeal of your allotment or garden, this variety will produce bold colours which intensify as the season progresses. Perfect steamed, boiled, or fried, the delicately frilled leaves are perfect in any dish to add vibrant colour and beneficial nutrition. Utilise companion planting by growing Kale with Nasturtiums to deter cabbage white butterflies and alongside mint for flea beetle deterrence.

Packet contains 15 Kale Seeds.