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Herb Parsley Plain Leaved (Sheeps) 2 Seeds

Product code: 258762


Parsley Plain Leaved (Sheeps) is said to have a stronger taste than that of the curly variety while the flat leaves are also softer and easier to chop. This hardy biennial is one of the most popular herbs for culinary use as a garnish, flavouring sauces and pastry, and associating particularly well with fish. With a stronger flavour than curled varieties, this Flat-leaved or Italian Parsley makes a useful, low maintenance addition to herb gardens, or grow parsley indoors on a bright kitchen windowsill. Popular for its many uses in the kitchen as a garnish, flavouring sauces and pastry as well as going well with fish, the parsley herb is a brilliant addition to any kitchen garden.

Approximate number of seeds in packet: 1000