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Tomato Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid Seeds

Product code: 384723


Tomato Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid is a prolific variety producing huge crops of bite-sized Cherry Tomatoes that ripen early and produce through summer. A superb RHS AGM variety, it's one of the sweetest tasting, red-skinned cherry tomatoes available, making the perfect complement to our ever popular orange-skinned variety Sungold.

Huge crops of shiny, bite-sized red fruits ripen early and continue to be produced throughout the summer. This cordon variety is best grown in the greenhouse, but will also grow in a sheltered, sunny spot outdoors.

It's easy to grow for beginner and expert gardeners alike, perfect for starting off your gardening skills and will produce lots of delicious tomatoes

Approximate number of seeds in packet: 5