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Sustainable Coffee Fire Logs Bio Bean

Product code: 594127


Coffee Logs are eco-friendly fire logs made from your recycled coffee grounds perfect for heating your home while helping the environment, too. Designed for your wood burner or multi-fuel stove, Coffee Logs burn hotter and longer than wood, keeping you and your loved ones toasty warm. Coffee Logs are made from waste coffee grounds collected from UK cafes and offices, and even airports, train stations and universities.

Each log contains the grounds from around 25 cups of coffee, giving your daily hit of caffeine a second life. What makes Coffee Logs eco-friendly? The UK alone drinks 98 million cups of coffee every day, creating around half a million tonnes of wet coffee grounds which are typically disposed of in landfill, where they emit harmful greenhouse gases, including methane. By recycling the nation's lattes into Coffee Logs heating logs, our collective coffee waste is reduced, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 130%.


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