Salad Bar

Our tasty Salad Bar has had a summer refresh to bring you new seasonal flavours and combinations you'll love as we get into the warmer months. Think black rice and quinoa with a ginger dressing, zesty superfoods salad, juicy watermelon and even a broccoli, feta tomato and almond dish. Plus you can take your pick from our mouthwatering selection of cold cuts from freshly cooked quiche, scotch eggs and pork and apple sausage rolls to succulent carvery ham, chicken and chorizo skewer and salmon souffle tart*.


Tuck into a plate of salad packed with your choice of the fresh salad selection for just £5.95 or add a cold cut of your choice for £2 each. You can even add fresh bread for just 70p.


With an abundance of choice, you can pop in to visit our salad bar time and time again to mix up your selection and create winning combinations.   


*Please note that our salad selection varies daily and by store. Two cold cuts are available to choose from each day.