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Ceanothus Concha


California Mountain Lilac

Masses of bright blue flowers produced in early spring

Be treated to abundant sprays of dazzling blue flowers set against dark green leaves every spring. The Ceanothus Concha gives your garden a lovely, dramatic effect while attracting butterflies and birds at the same time.


Pamper this species of the Californian Lilac with sun and fertile, well-drained soil. It will thrive best against a south-facing wall, protected from cold winds.


Train against a warm wall or tree to maximise the annual display of flowers. They also look great in fences and trellises.

Native to California, the plant was first brought to Britain from Empress Josephine's Malmaison garden. It received the Award of Garden Merit in June 1986.

Plant details

In depth plant information

Property Value
Plant type Ornamental shrub
Flower colour
Foliage colour
Typically available March - September
Season of interest Spring
Flowering April - May
Evergreen Yes
Plant height 250 cm - 400 cm
Plant width 250 cm - 400 cm
Fragrant flowers No
Attracts bees Yes
Attracts butterflies Yes
Plant height in 5 years 110 cm
Hardiness zone (?) H4

Will perform best in these conditions

Property Value
Soil type Loam, Clay, Sand
Light exposure Full sun
Soil drainage Well drained, Medium
Planting instructions

Water the plant in its pot thoroughly before planting – give it a good soaking. Prepare the area by digging a hole twice the size of the pot. Dig compost into the base of the hole. Remove the pot and position the plant in the hole, with the top of the rootball about level with the surrounding soil. Refill the planting hole with a mixture of garden soil and compost, firming as you go. Water in well and keep well watered during the plant's first year.

Planting site Gravel garden, City garden, Courtyard garden, Garden edging

Typically available

From March to September