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Anthriscus cerefolium

Delicate anise flavoured leaves

Chervil is similar to parsley but with smaller leaves and a more refined, delicate flavour with light hints of anise. Pick the leaves as needed through spring and summer.


Best in part shade and a good choice for the front of a border or in a container.


Prefers a moist soil, keep well watered especially during dry spells. Use a good quality potting compost for container growing.

Add the leaves to flavour and garnish salads, sauces and soups.

Plant details

In depth plant information

Property Value
Plant type Annual, Herb
Flower colour
Foliage colour
Typically available February - September
Season of interest Summer
Flowering June - August
Evergreen No
Plant height 10 cm - 50 cm
Plant width 10 cm - 50 cm
Fragrant flowers Yes
Attracts bees No
Attracts butterflies No
Plant height in 5 years 30 cm
Hardiness zone (?) H4

Will perform best in these conditions

Property Value
Soil type Chalk, Loam, Sand
Light exposure Full sun, Part shade
Soil drainage Well drained
Planting instructions

Choose a container, with drainage holes at least twice the size of the one the plant is currently growing in. Place stones, broken up flowerpots or polystyrene in a thin layer over the holes to help with drainage. Place a layer of multi-purpose compost on top. Remove the pot and position the plant so the top of the rootball sits 2.5cm below the rim of the pot. Fill around the rootball with compost, firming as you go. Water in well and keep well watered especially through dry spells.

Planting site Cottage garden, Informal garden, Flower border and beds

Additional Information for Fruit, Veg and Bulbs

Property Value
Sowing March - December

Typically available

From February to September