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Prunus insititia Merryweather Damson


Damson Merryweather

Masses of small fruit ideal for making jam

For making amazingly good jam's and jelly look no further than this reliable variety. The small fruits are crowded on the branches in late summer and early autumn. They can be picked before they are fully ripe and used in the kitchen or left to ripen on the tree and eaten fresh.


Happiest growing in full sun where the fruit will be ripened early in good, moist soil.


Enrich the soil before planting by adding organic matter - well rotted manure or homemade garden compost is fine. Water your tree occasionally until it has established and during dry weather - especially when the tree is carrying fruit.

Grafted onto St Julian rootstock which is particularly good where growing conditions are slightly challenging

Plant details

In depth plant information

Property Value
Plant type Fruit tree
Flower colour
Foliage colour
Typically available January - December
Season of interest Spring
Flowering March - May
Evergreen No
Plant height 330 cm - 400 cm
Plant width 330 cm - 400 cm
Fragrant flowers No
Attracts bees Yes
Attracts butterflies Yes
Plant height in 5 years 240 cm
Hardiness zone (?) H4

Will perform best in these conditions

Property Value
Soil type Loam, Sand
Light exposure Full sun
Soil drainage Well drained, Medium
Planting instructions

Water the plant in its pot thoroughly before planting – give it a good soaking. Prepare the area by digging a hole twice the size of the pot. Dig compost into the base of the hole. Position the stake in the hole, on the side of the prevailing wind and drive it into the soil, to a depth of 60cm. The stake should be a third of the height of the tree, when planted. Remove the pot and position the plant in the hole close to the stake, with the rootball about level with the surrounding soil. Refill the planting hole with a mixture of garden soil and compost, firming as you go. Use two tree ties to secure the stem to the stake. Water in well and keep well watered during the plant's first year. Check ties regularly and adjust them as the tree grows.

Planting site Cottage garden, Informal garden

Additional Information for Fruit, Veg and Bulbs

Property Value
Sowing March - June
Fruiting July - August
Cropping August - August

Typically available

From January to December