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Cascades of brilliant colour

A stunning, tropical looking shrub or vine with brilliantly colourful bracts surrounding the clusters of tubular flowers.


Best grown in pots in full sun it can be moved outdoors in the summer but must be given winter protection in a heated greenhouse or conservatory.


Any moderately fertile well-drained soil, preferably low in organic material. The best flowers are produced if the soil is on the dry side when the plant is in full sun. Cut back lightly to reduce the longer shoots after flowering.

Bougainvilleas are native to the tropics and widely planted throughout sub tropical regions of the world

Plant details

In depth plant information

Property Value
Plant type Climber, Ornamental shrub
Flower colour
Foliage colour
Typically available April - July
Season of interest Spring, Summer
Flowering April - October
Evergreen No
Plant height 400 cm - 800 cm
Plant width 250 cm - 400 cm
Fragrant flowers No
Hazardous No
Attracts bees No
Attracts butterflies No
Plant height in 5 years 800 cm
Medicinal No
Hardiness zone (?) H1c

Will perform best in these conditions

Property Value
Soil type Sand, Loam
Light exposure Full sun
Soil drainage Well drained
Planting instructions

Choose a container, with drainage holes at least twice the size of the one the plant is currently growing in. Place stones, broken up flowerpots or polystyrene in a thin layer over the holes to help with drainage. Place a layer of multi-purpose compost on top. Remove the pot and position the plant so the top of the rootball sits 2.5cm below the rim of the pot. Fill around the rootball with compost, firming as you go. Water in well and keep well watered especially through dry spells.

Planting site Patio container, City garden, Mediterranean garden

Typically available

From April to July