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Seed Potato Rocket (First Early) 2kg Bag

Extremely early maturing with a good yield

A very early maturing variety and an excellent yielder. Round, white fleshed tubers which are good for both boiling and baking.

Planting Instructions:

Firstly ‘chit’ your seed potatoes by standing the tubers on end, either in a seed tray or egg box, ensuring the end with the most ‘eyes’ is uppermost. Stand in a bright, cool, frost-free position to grow strong new shoots about 2.5cm (1”) long. Prepare the ground by incorporating plenty of garden compost or well-rotted manure. Rake to a fine tilth, adding general fertiliser as per manufacturers instructions. Aim to plant your seed potatoes when all risk of frost has passed. Dig a trench, or plant individually with a trowel. With sprouts facing upwards, plant each seed 6 inches deep, 12 inches apart, in rows 2 feet apart. Gently cover the seed. As shoots emerge, carefully earth up the soil around them to form a ridge. Continue doing this throughout the growing season, watering well as needed.

Plant details

Item Number: 148477

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    • Features:
    • 15-20 depending on size
    • Plant: March/April
    • Harvest: June/July
    • Maturity: First Early
    • Skin Colour: White
    • Flesh Colour: White
    • Grade: A
    • Typically Available: January - April

    In depth plant information

    Property Value
    Plant type Seed Potato
    Season of interest Summer

    Will perform best in these conditions

    Property Value
    Soil type Acid, Light Sand, Loam
    Light exposure Full Sun
    Soil drainage Well dained, Moist
    Planting site Vegetable Garden, Beds & Borders, Potato Planter

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