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Sunflower Taiyo Seeds

Hardy Annual.

Height: 1.5m (5ft) Spread: 45cm (18in)


When March to May

Where In a prepared seed bed, in flowering position

How Sow 2 seeds together 45cm (18in) apart. Cover lightly with 1.5cm

(half inch) fine soil. Firm gently and keep moist

Care Remove weaker seedlings leaving one per position. Seedlings

removed can be transplanted 45cm (18in) apart

Flowers June to October


When March to May

Where In individual pots of seed compost

How Sow thinly, cover with 1.5cm (half inch) of compost. Keep moist

Care Stand outside for a few days in late May (avoid frosts). Transplant

45cm (18in) apart in flowering position. Keep moist and weed free

Flowers June to September

Edible Seeds harvested from grown plants can be used as snacks and in baking.

Seeds in this packet are not for consumption.

Plant details

Item Number: 520049

  • Set Colour: Yellow
  • Suitable For: Outdoor
  • Product Dimensions:
  • W 17.3 x H 10.8 x D 0.5cm

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