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Beemat 200X50Cm Seed Carpet

Our bees are in serious decline due to disease, loss of habitat and intensive farming. Planting a bio-degradable BeeMat in your garden is a lovely way to help them. This RHS approved, ready seeded mat contains mixed flower seeds that have been specially selected to attract bees and to provide them with the nectar and pollen they require. The mat is made up of 2 layers of tissue paper with the flower seeds between them. It simply needs to be laid on prepared soil and then covered with a thin layer of sand, clean soil or compost to weigh it down and retain moisture. It will suppress weed growth and encourage the seeds to produce strong plants, giving a colourful display of flowers for you to enjoy and for the bees to work on. The seeds included in the mat are a mixture of annual, biennial and perennial species to give a floral display over a long period.

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