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The Elf On The Shelf® - Boy Light

The Elf on the Shelf®: a Christmas Tradition box hides a special Christmas scout elf. This little boy elf has been sent out by Santa to keep an eye on you, as his adopted family, and report back every night so that Santa can balance his nice and naughty lists. Once he has been adopted by you, he will receive his special Christmas magic which will enable him to fly back to Santa each night and return to your house every morning to continue his job of listening and watching. Each time he returns, he will settle himself in a different place, giving you the exciting task of trying to find him every morning. On Christmas Eve, he'll reluctantly return to Santa's workshop, until he's sent out in December next year to catch up with your family again. The cleverly rhymed children's book explains the story of the scout elves. This is bound to be lots of fun for the whole family, but just be aware of the 2 rules of Scout Elves - 1. they can't be touched as they'll lose their magic and will be unable to fly, and 2. they can't move or speak whilst anyone in the house is awake.

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