Orchid Care Tips


You can't beat an orchid for long-lasting flowers, vibrant colours and a taste of the exotic. They're the perfect no-hassle houseplants, with their display lasting for several weeks, and they're great value for money too. They're also really easy to care for - just follow our top tips.

  • Orchids like bright, warm and humid spots
  • Regularly feed orchids to keep the display looking good - you'll find plenty to choose from in-store
  • For best results use a clear orchid pot when potting on. Use speciality orchid compost which you can find in-store at Dobbies
  • Don't over water your orchid, instead let compost completely dry out before dunking its pot in a bowl of water a few times. Never let orchids sit in water
  • Cut dead flower stems back to the base of the plant. New stems and blooms will appear in time.