Successful seeds

Spring isn’t the only time to sow seeds – those that can be sown now include hardy annuals and leafy green salads and veg

The ABC of seed sowing

A  You will need seed compost, clean seed trays or pots, labels, a  clear polythene bag, fine sieve, propagator and a watering can with  a rose attachment for gentle watering.

B  Fill a pot or tray with compost (rub out any lumps), then water all over the surface. Sprinkle fine seeds on the surface evenly, or place them individually if they’re larger seeds. Using a sieve, cover fine seeds lightly with compost and larger seeds with a slightly thicker layer. Cover your pot or tray with a clear plastic bag and label it with the plant name and the date sown.

C  Place your pot or tray on a sunny windowsill. To offer seeds a more constant temperature, invest in a small windowsill propagator with a thermostat. Once you see signs of germination, remove the plastic bag and when seedlings display their first tiny leaves, they’re ready to prick out.


Ornamental successful seeds

Ornamental plants to sow in Autumn

• Sweet peas

• Delphiniums

• Foxgloves

• Lupins

• Coleus

• Aquilegia

Cress successful seeds 

Windowsill crops

Cress can be grown any month of the year on a sunny windowsill. It should be ready to harvest in two weeks – perfect for adding to your egg sandwiches. Kids will love growing this speedy veg.