Flying visits in winter

How to help our feathered friends through the winter

There’s something very comforting about watching birds coming and going in the garden, but they need a bit of extra support in winter.

It’s good to provide a bird bath that is regularly cleaned and refilled with fresh water (especially when the water has frozen).

A well-planted garden will give birds plenty in the way of berries, but bird seed is a welcome gift to them in the winter months. Keep your bird table clean and provide a range of bird food to cater for different birds’ requirements.  If you encourage them to visit, your garden will benefit too as birds help combat pests. They eat slugs and snails and enjoy feasting on aphids. 

Bird Shopping List

Nest boxes

If you put up nesting boxes now they’ll be ready for the nesting season. Position boxes so that they face between north and east as this prevents strong sunlight and wet weather entering the box.