Bulbs for spring impact

Spring may seem a long way off, but now’s the time to plant bulbs that will flower early next year.

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Spring-flowering bulbs are so easy to plant and offer incredible colour. Some of our favourites include muscari, daffodils, crocuses and tulips, but there are too many gorgeous varieties to list here – you can find a spring-flowering bulb in any colour of the rainbow.

Before you choose your bulbs, consider where they’ll be planted.  Small pots are suitable for dwarf types and formal borders will suit uniform tulips, whereas some species, such as daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses, will happily grow in grassy areas.

Top bulb-planting tips

• Plant bulbs in drifts (place them randomly to achieve a more natural look) and for best results buy double the amount you think you need.

• Choose large, firm bulbs.

• Tulips prefer to be planted in November.

• If you’re planting in borders or grassy areas, invest in a bulb  planter to make the task easy. 

• Put a marker in the border to remind you where you  have planted bulbs to avoid digging them up by mistake.