Autumn Checklist

Seasonal tasks that will ensure your garden is a triumph

For flowers

  • Deadhead summer-flowering annuals to encourage late blooms.
  • Fill gaps in borders with autumn-flowering plants such as asters and chrysanthemums.
  • Plant spring-flwoering bulbs and winter-flowering shrubs. 
  • Sow sweet peas for summer 2017.
  • Plant up autumn containers.
  • Plan new borders and buy summer-flowering perennials. 
  • Buy and plant roses for colour and scent next summer.

For the perfect lawn

  • Continue to mow your lawn until it stops growing
  • Aerate lawns and apply top dressing. 
  • Lay turf or sow seed for a new lawn.
  • Apply an autumn lawn feed.
  • Rake leaves from lawns and make your own leafmould. 

For winter care

  • Lift dahlias once they have been blackened by the first frost.
  • Protect tender plants from frost by moving to a greenhouse or covering with fleece. 
  • Move plants from draughty windowsills and make sure they aren't left in the cold air behind curtains or blinds. 

For a tidy garden

  • Cut back perennials that have faded,
  • Put annual plants that are past their best on the compost heap.
  • Prune out dead, damaged and diseased wood from shrubs.
  • Apply a mulch to borders once faded perennials have been cut back to improve the soil and keep down weeds.
  • Clean your greenhouse before using it to overwinter tender plants.

For taste

  • Plant raspberry canes that are now available as bare root plants. 
  • Plant autumn garlic and onion sets now.
  • It's also time to plant broad beans, early leeks and spring greens.
  • Try growing your own mushrooms with an easy-to-use kit.
  • Improve soil on the vegetable bed by adding in organic matter. 


You can download and print our handy checklist here