Bulb tips

Bulb Planting

Tips for buying bulbs

  • Before you buy, give bulbs a little squeeze to make sure they are firm and avoid any that have soft patches or look as though they are decaying
  • Handle bulbs with care and always wear gloves when handling or planting as some bulbs – like hyacinths – can irritate the skin
  • Buy a good range of bulbs to use in beds, borders and containers

Tips for planting bulbs

  • Before planting, make sure your soil is moist and free of weeds. Don’t plant bulbs in poor or high maintenance lawns as the bulbs will not be able to compete with grass for nutrients
  • Dig a deep hole – as you should plant bulbs 2.5 times deeper than they are high – and pop each bulb in pointy-end up, then cover with soil and press down firmly using a hand trowel
  • Add some bone meal and bulb fibre to the soil under your bulb as this will release nutrients and stimulate growth  
  • You could even drop a handful of bulbs from waist height and plant where they land for a natural looking display  
  • Save time by slicing and lifting small sections of turf and planting multiple bulbs before rolling the turf back in place
  • Plant early and late flowering varieties of bulbs to make your spring colour last longer
  • Don’t forget to mark where you’ve planted bulbs with a small stick to stop you digging them up by mistake before the spring
  • Label bulbs carefully so you remember what you’ve bought and where you’ve planted them