Bird care tips


Give wild birds a helping hand with our top tips...


  • Provide different types of food to appeal to a wide range of birds
  • Ensure you provide a supply of fresh water, and use water from a just boiled kettle to melt frozen water in bird-baths and feeders
  • Keep bird tables and feeders clean to help prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases
  • Regularly scrub feeders and baths using a weak disinfectant
  • Remove uneaten food to prevent it decaying
  • Move feeders once a month to prevent a build-up  of bird droppings
  • Keep bird feeders and resting areas high off the ground to keep birds safe from predators  
  • Clean out existing nest boxes or put up new ones if yours are past their best


  • Stop feeding the birds once you’ve started - they will become dependent on your help and will likely struggle to survive if your supply of food stops
  • Put out cooking fat as it can breed bacteria and cause disease and germs to spread
  • Supply milk - birds can’t digest milk properly and may become unwell
  • Put out mouldy leftovers, this can also cause birds to become unwell

Feed your favourite breed:

  • Seed mixes will attract tits and finches
  • Peanuts will attract sparrows and woodpeckers
  • Nyger seeds are a particular favourite of goldfinches
  • Live foods – such as mealworms - are a favourite of robins and bluetits
  • Fat-based foods are ideal for all birds during winter, as they provide birds with much needed energy

Provide shelter:

  • Bluetits will begin looking for a nesting place at the end of winter, so make sure your boxes are ready if you want to encourage feathered friends to set-up home in your garden
  • If you’re looking to help birds establish a habitat in your garden, you might want to plant Firethorn. This beautiful shrub produces red, yellow and orange berries from September through to January – a vital food source for blackbirds and song thrushes. What’s more, Firethorn’s dense, thorny evergreen branches also provide safe  roosting for wrens, robins, hedge sparrows and many other small garden birds


Did you know?

Mealworms - are a favourite of robins and bluetits.