10 ways to boost your lawn this autumn

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1. Continue Cutting

You'll need to mow less during autumn and winter, although you should continue to cut for as long as your grass grows.

2. Raise mower blades

Raise the height of mower blades as temperatures dip and autumn progresses. Don't mow if conditions are very wet or freezing.

3. Feed

Apply an autumn lawn feed to produce strong roots, making your grass generally tougher next year. Don't use a spring feed as this encourages leaf growth which could be damaged by frost.

4. Get rid of moss

Use a spring-tine rake to remove moss from your lawn (called sacrifying). Do this before it gets very cold to allow the grass to put on growth and recover. There are also moss killers that are extremely effective.

5. Thicken and repair

Get rid of bare patches by raking the exposed earth and sowing grass seed. Sprinkle seed over other areas to generally thicken the lawn as a whole.

6. Improve drainage

Plunge a fork into the ground all over your grass (called aerating). This will help with drainage and encourage grass root growth for a generally more healthy lawn.

7. Top dress

Brush top-dressing over the surface of your lawn to get rid of lumps and bumps, and to encourage grass to thicken and put down more roots. You'll find pre-mixed bags in-store.

8. Lay turf

Autumn is a great time to create a new lawn. Either lay turf or sow grass seed, ensuring ground is moist but not frozen.

9. Clear fallen leaves

Clear leaves as soon as they fall to prevent them rotting and damaging the surface of your grass. Use a rake or broom to gather leaves together. 

10. Reduce compaction

Give your lawn a rest by trying not to walk on it in wet or frosty conditions. This will help to reduce compaction making the lawn healthier next year.