How to: Care for garden birds

Gardeners and birds are constant companions, working in harmony together in the great outdoors – how often are you joined by a cheery robin as you’re weeding or digging your plot?

What you'll need:

  • Bird table and feeders
  • Bird bath
  • A range of bird nuts and seeds
  • Live bird food (like mealworms)
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Disinfectant

How to care for garden birds: 

  • It’s important to provide for birds all year-round.
  • During spring and summer, birds will be searching for tasty treats to help them care for their young and keep up an active lifestyle – they’ll also be in search of a plentiful supply of water during hot weather.
  • In contrast, cold conditions make basic food and water scarce so we need to do everything we can to provide our feathered friends with the supplies they need.
  • Make sure feeders and tables are filled regularly, and ensure you provide a constant supply of fresh water.
  • Put out a variety of foods, including seeds, nuts and fat-based feeds as not all birds like the same things – live foods like mealworms are great for an occasional treat.
  • Habitat is important too, so be sure to clean out existing nest boxes or put up new ones if yours are past their best.
  • Blue tits will begin to look for a nesting place at the end of winter, so make sure your boxes are ready.
  • Finally, remember to enjoy the view and keep a bird book and binoculars on hand! 


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