5 Seeds to start early

Seeds Dec 14 web

Get ahead this winter and sow these star performers in a warm greenhouse or on a windowsill inside:

  1. Tomatoes
    Large greenhouse varieties benefit from an early start. Sow now and be harvesting by mid-summer.

  2. Chillies 
    Guarantee fiery pickings by sowing early in the year. Sow five or six seeds in a 9cm pot.

  3. Aubergines 
    These put on lots of growth in a season, so it’s worth starting early to ensure a decent-sized crop.

  4. Ornamental grasses 
    Easy to grow and great for plugging gaps in borders. Sow now and plant out when temperatures rise.

  5. Sweet peas 
    Nothing beats the beautiful scent of sweet peas. Get cracking now for an endless supply of fragrant cut flowers.


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