Winter Ideas

Time to look out for the birds and protect your plants

Fat Cake Feeder For Birds 292X259

How to: Create a fat-cake feeder for birds

Don't forget about garden birds this winter, keep them well-fed with our simple how to

Care For Garden Birds 292X259

How to: Care for garden birds

Follow our easy tips to care for our gardening companions


How to: Plant a Winter Hanging Basket

We love winter white hanging baskets. Find out how to plant one up with our guide.


Perfect Plants For Winter Colour

Find out our three of our favourite choices for long-lasting, seasonal interest to plant now.


How to: Grow Orchids

These stunning flowering houseplants are easy to care for, if you follow these tips from our horticultural expert.

Roses Covered In Frost

How to: Protect Your Plants

Read our tips on how to protect tender plants from the inevitable ‘cold snap’.

10 Min Makeover Thumbnail

How to: 10 Minute Room Update

If you enjoy keeping your interiors up to date, but do not have time to dabble with a paintbrush, Craig Roman, Dobbies’ Head of Visual Merchandising, has an answer.

Favourite Winter Plants Thumbnail

Our Favourite Winter Plants

Here are some of our favourite winter plants, chosen for their kaleidoscope of colour from berries, bark, leaves and flowers.

Keep Poinsettia Thumbnail

How to: Keep Your Poinsettias For Next Year

Make your poinsettia last into the New Year with our expert care tips.

Make Room For Houseplants Thumbnails

How to: Make Room For Houseplants

Houseplants not only look great, but they also lift spirits. Graeme Shaw, Horticultural Champion at our Edinburgh store, provides the lowdown on houseplants and their care.

How To Pick A Houseplant Thumbnail

How to: Pick a Houseplant

Choosing the right variety for each spot in your home is vital to success.


How to: inject winter colour

Keep things bright and beautiful this winter with our colourful gardening tips.


How to: Improve your soil

Soil is the most important thing in a garden, so it’s well worth giving yours a bit of TLC.


How to: Speedy windowsill crops

It’s possible to grow tasty crops on a windowsill, meaning it’s easy to get a home-grown fix if you don’t have much outdoor space.