11 Tips To Create The Perfect Wimbledon Party


Wimbledon is one of the highlights of the summer. Why not hold a garden party with a theme that celebrates this iconic sporting event? It’s a great excuse to have some fun in the sun and enjoy some outdoor living with your family and friends.

Below are 11 tips to make sure you serve up a party to be remembered. Before you get going, here are some ideas to think about for your party planner.

  • This year, the Wimbledon fortnight runs from 3-16 July. It’s in the height of summer, so send out your invites – shaped like a racket or tennis ball – in plenty of time so that guests can ‘save the date’!
  • Suggest a not-too-demanding dress code, such as green, purple and white, which will be the background colours of your party decorations. Perhaps floaty dresses and wide brimmed hats for ladies, and ‘flannels’, striped jackets and panamas or straw boaters for men. If people don’t want to go the whole way, they could just wear a hat, or white tennis gear and wrist and headband.
  • Don’t forget the children – they can come dressed as ball girls and boys.
  • Of course, it’s obligatory, bring a racket – to lean on at the very least!

1. Best-dressed lawn
It goes without saying, if your party is taking place on a lawn, you should trim it so that it looks like a green carpet, fit for tennis royalty. You could even get an aerosol of white line marking paint and create a temporary tennis court!

2. Close to the net
Stretch some pea or strawberry netting across your lawn, between two posts or strong canes. Set posts well into the ground to keep the net taut and you have your very own tennis court!

3. You cant be serious?
If you have a stepladder with a little platform at the top, decorate with green, purple and white ribbons. Put a soft cushion on the platform and people can take it in turns to be the umpire and ‘watch over’ your party guests from on high.

4. Bring on the bunting
Buy some ready-made green and purple or Union Jack bunting, or make your own to hang along fences or between trees.

5. New balls!
Get in touch with a local school and ask if you can have its old tennis balls, or buy some cheap lime green or yellow plastic play balls. Scatter about the garden, put in bowls on your dining table, or make into a ‘streamer’. Use a gimlet and crochet hook to thread them onto green garden twine and for hanging decorations.

6. Get set to go
To keep your tables simple, use a table roll of white or green paper for tablecloths with matching green/purple coloured party cups and plates. Fake grass table runners are also available from party shops. For a more sophisticated look, try white tableware and decorate with purple flowers, bowls of bright lemons and limes, ribbons and streamers.

7. Putting on a good face
At each setting, face down, place a tennis star mask – easy to make or print off the Internet. Everyone puts on their mask without looking at who it is, and tries to guess who they are by asking 10 questions.

8. Keep it cool
Serve a traditional tea with cool cucumber sandwiches, succulent strawberries and cream or a cream tea. Try this delicious summer fruits cake.

9. Pleasing platters
Dish up hot food straight off the barbecue onto platters that are decorated with a sprinkling of chopped chives, just like grass clippings! For something different, try some pork belly skewers with Vietnamese caramel sauce – or for vegetarians, make these grillable ultimate vegan burgers.

10. Thirsty work
Serve Pimms as the perfect accompaniment, brimful with fruits and a sprig of fresh mint. You could make some frosty cocktails too, such as a Sling of Freiberg. For a non-alcoholic option, try a citrus-peach cooler.

11. Anyone for tennis?
Have a mini tournament with grown-ups and kids paired together, but using plastic soft tennis racquets and foam balls – cheap and in the summer available at most supermarkets – and adults using their ‘wrong’ hand, whether left or right. Don’t forget to have a trophy for the champions!

Have a brilliant party, and make sure your garden is looking in tip-top condition. Create an oasis of stunning plants that you nurture in the early summer months. For some advice on plant health and care, take a look at our guide to feeding and watering plants. 


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