How to: Give Wildlife a Home

Your garden can support a wide variety of wildlife, and perhaps most importantly, throughout the entire year! Sniffling hedgehogs, buzzing bees, chirping birds and bright ladybirds can all use an extra hand in the outdoors. So we’ve gathered together a few handy hints and tips to help out.

What you’ll need:

  • Bee Hotel
  • Lady Bird House
  • Hedgehog House
  • Twin-hook Bird Feeding Station
  • Bird Nuts and Seeds

Step 1: Attract bees by hanging a bee hotel on a sunny wall or fence, preferably sheltered from the rain.

Step 2: Nestle a ladybird house amoungst plants prone to aphid attacks such as herbs, daisies, pansy, pepper, tomato and fuchsia.

Step 3: Position a hedgehog house in a quiet, planted area.

Step 4: Hang a range of nuts and seeds in your garden to attract as big a range of birds as possible.

Step 5: In winter, help birds by supplying a fat based treats.



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