How to: Care For Your Houseplants While On Holiday


The long awaited holiday season has arrived and you’re probably looking forward to heading away for a well-deserved, relaxing break. The last thing you want to do on holiday is worry about your plants at home - so we've pulled together our top tips for caring for your houseplants. 

Garden plants are able to fend for themselves, drawing on water held deep in the ground, aided by the odd summer shower. On the other hand houseplants are completely reliant on our care to meet their needs. If you are away for just a few days it should be enough to give your plants a thorough watering (letting the excess run away) before transferring your plants to a cool shady position, away from bright sunlight until you return.

However, if you are heading away for a longer break then the following tips should help:

  • Move your plants to a cooler room in the house, or even, in the case of larger plants a shady spot in the garden.
  • Position them away from bright sunlight to help prevent scorching and drying out.
  • If you have a group of plants consider using a piece of capillary matting, laid on your kitchen draining board, with one end draped into a sink or bowl of water. Make sure that both the matting and the plants are well moistened before positioning your pot plants firmly on the matting. This will ensure the plants are able to continue to draw their needs from the matting.
  • Alternatively use a gravel tray lined with pebbles and add enough water to just cover the pebbles. Stand the plants on top and they will draw up their needs.
  • If you have groups of larger specimen plants around the home, you might want to consider the ‘wick system’. All you need is a good-sized bottle or similar receptacle of water and some natural twine. Fill the container with water and drop in one end of the twine until it reaches the bottom. The other end should be pushed into the compost of the pot plant – up to 3” deep if possible. Secure in place to ensure it doesn’t work loose. The water from the reservoir should work its way along the twine & drip feed into the plant pot. You can add a couple more twines for neighbouring plants if the water container is large enough.

Follow the above steps to ensure that your plants are able to look after themselves for a couple of weeks, while you relax on your holidays. For more tips take a look at our ideas and advice section.


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