5 Vegetables to Grow Now

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You don’t have to have an allotment or a formal vegetable plot to grow home produce. Whether you’ve a patio, a raised bed or even some pots, growing your own fresh vegetables is much easier than you might think. Enjoying seasonal produce at its freshest and very best has got to be one of the greatest reasons for doing so. Not only do home-grown vegetables taste better they also have a significantly higher nutritional value than anything you can buy from the supermarket. Nothing beats the satisfaction of growing your own food. Plus bringing something to the table that’s free from chemicals and hasn’t travelled miles is one of the most rewarding things a gardener can achieve.

1. Leeks

As a member of the onion family the leek has a milder and more subtle flavour, which can be harvested right through the winter. This is a very versatile vegetable used in stews, casseroles and soups or on its own. Gather soil around the stems of leeks as they grow – this will make the stem whiter and more tender.

2. Winter Cabbage

If you love cabbage, winter growing varieties will provide the fresh flavour well into the cold season. They are an absolute must-have during winter months and provide an excellent source of vitamin C.

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3. Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Purple sprouting broccoli is the hardiest and most popular broccoli. Many delicious side shoots are produced which turn green when cooked. Serve cooked as an accompanying vegetable or use in stir-fries.

4. Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are a popular vegetable that contain a high source of vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid and dietary fibre.

5. Kale

Kale is increasing in popularity due to its nutritional properties. The hardy, curly red-tinged leaves turn crimson in cooler weather. Always pick the leaves when they are young and tender. It provides a cut-and-come again plant, ideal for the winter garden.

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