How to: Grow beautiful roses

Fill your garden with an endless display of traditional roses. They’re easy to grow, full of old-fashioned charm and, best of all, come back year after year. Once you’ve planted a few you’ll have them in your garden forever. Use roses to fill a border, cover and arch or create a potted display for a patio – there’s a rose for virtually every place in a garden so you’re guaranteed to find one to tickle your fancy. They’re available in no end of colours too, with delicate pinks, vibrant yellows, cool whites and striking reds all on offer. You can plant roses at virtually any time of year, although make sure you water new plants every couple of days to get them off to a flying start. 

What you'll need:

How to grow beautiful roses:

Step 1
It’s possible to buy potted roses  year-round. It doesn’t matter what time you buy and plant, just make sure you choose the right colour and growing habit.

Step 2
Choose a sunny spot for your rose, fork over the soil and dig a hole that’s larger than the pot and root ball of your plant.

Step 3
Add rose fertiliser to the hole according to the packet instructions, position your rose and fill the gaps around the plant with soil. Water thoroughly.

Step 4
Once established, spread rose feed around the base of the plant in early spring and then again in mid-summer. Do this every year to keep the plant healthy.

Step 5
Remove dead blooms with secateurs, cutting the stem just above a healthy bud. Cut above a bud that is facing away from the centre of the plant where possible.

Step 6
Prune your rose in early spring. Remove all the stems that bore flowers the previous year, creating a well-shaped compact plant. Also remove any dead wood at this time.

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