How to: Plant Summer Bulbs


What you'll need:

1. Choose your bulbs - those that can be planted now are in-store, including canna lilies, calla lilies, gladioli  and crocosmia. These will flower through summer and there are others, such as irises and anemones, that will flower in late summer/autumn.

2. Put on our gardening gloves to protect your hands as some bulbs can irritate the skin, and make sure your soil is moist and free of weeds.

3. Dig a deep hole - bulbs should be planted around 2.5 times deeper than they are high - and add some bone meal and bulb fibre to the soil under your bulb to release nutrients and stimulate growth.

4. Pop each bulb in with its shoot pointing up (plant them on their sides if you're not sure) and cover with soil. Press down firmly using a hand trowel.

5. After planting, water the bulbs lightly. Don't soak the soil; bulbs can decay and rot if they get too wet. Don't water the bulbs again unless it's extremely dry outside.

6. Mark where you've planted bulbs with a small cane to stop you digging them up by mistake and label them so you remember what you've brought and where you've planted them. 


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