How to: Watch Out For Garden Pests

Knowledge is power. Be on red alert and act as soon as you see these garden critters.


Slugs and snails

Slugs and snails are nocturnal, so when you’ve retreated inside they come out to feast. Seedlings and hostas are their favourite diet. Go out after dark and collect them with a torch, wrap copper tape around pots to ward them off, or use slug and snail pellets.

Lily beetle

These dashing red beetles are tricky to catch. They may be bright red but as soon as you go to pick them off the plant they drop to the ground revealing a tricky-to-spot brown underside. Pick them off or try spraying them with a garlic solution.


This group of pests includes the well-known greenfly and blackfly. There are many different types of aphids and they attack a wide range of plants. To control them, either spray with a solution of washing up liquid or use a product like Resolva Bug Killer.

Vine weevil

The adults are black beetles and eat the leaves of plants, while the grubs resemble little white maggots and reside in the soil where they eat the roots. Very badly affected plants should be disposed of, or you can wash all the soil off the roots and repot.

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