How to: Tips For Growing Fruit

Get fruity this summer

Growing berries is fun for all the family – soft fruits are especiallly popular with children and it’s lovely to pick them from your garden. If you’ve got a sunny spot, you’re sure to have success. 

Fruit lovers will know that within each soft fruit group there’s a wide range of different tastes on offer. Read the plant labels carefully before selecting your fruits as some are sweeter than others – try to match your preferred taste with the plants.

For those short of space, strawberries are the perfect choice. You can grow them in hanging baskets right outside your door, or in a space-saving strawberry pot. Buy the plants this spring and by June you’ll be enjoying a juicy feast.


Room for one more?

If space isn’t so much of an issue, opt for gooseberries or blackcurrants. These are more suitable for planting in the ground, where they’ll need a sunny spot with well-drained soil. It’s a good idea to protect the fruit from birds if possible. Raspberries are also a good choice, but these won’t grow in containers. They need more space, and ideally a fruit frame too. Summer and autumn types are available.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the super fruits! Blueberries are known to be exceptionally good for you. They require an acidic soil, but will thrive in containers if planted in an ericaceous (acidic) compost.

A range of 3L fruit plants are available in-store.

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