How to: Sow seeds

Seeing a plant grow from a tiny seed is one of the most exciting things about gardening. It’s nothing short of amazing as the little capsules of life transform into a beautiful flowering display in just a few weeks. Sowing seed is also one of the handiest gardening skills to have under your belt and, as soon as you’ve cracked it, you’ll be able to grow an endless range of flowers and veggies from scratch. But the benefits don’t end there – sowing seed makes growing cheaper, as you’ll be able to create loads of plants for a fraction of the cost of buying just a couple. And the best bit? Sowing seed is easy – you don’t need any fancy kit with many seeds perfectly happy starting their lives on a window-sill. Follow this handy guide and you’re onto a winner.

What you'll need:

How to sow seeds:

Step 1
Fill your seed tray with compost, patting the surface with your hands to make it flat.

Step 2
Water the compost gently, making sure none spills over the side. Let it soak through and water again.

Step 3
Carefully sprinkle your seed on top of the damp compost. Make sure it’s spread according to the instructions on the packet.

Step 4
Top off with a sprinkling of compost. You don’t need to use much – just enough to make sure the seeds are covered.

Step 5
Label the seed tray with the name of the plant you’ve sown along with the sowing date – this will help you keep track of things.

Step 6
Cover the tray with a plastic lid and keep it in a warm, light spot until the seeds begin to sprout. Remove the lid when the seeds start to grow.

Step 7
When the seedlings have got a few sets of leaves, gently tease them from the tray with a pencil. Take care not to damage the roots or leaves.

Step 8
Transplant them into individual pots and grow them until they’re fully formed plants and ready to use in the garden.

How to: sow seeds

Make sure you used compost that’s especially designed for sowing seed – it’ll get your seeds of to the best possible start.

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