How to: Seed, Turf & Care For Your Lawn


Caring for your lawn

1. Rake moss from lawns using a spring-tine rake or scarifier. Many lawns benefit from being aerated with a garden fork or aerator.
2. Feed the lawn with a spring feed. Many feeds also contain a weed and moss killer. Apply evenly – and ideally just before a rain shower, otherwise water it in – and never over feed.
3. Over-seed bare patches and try and keep the birds off with homemade bird scares.
4. Once seed has germinated and the grass is looking strong and healthy, mow your lawn. For the first cut in spring, raise the height of the cut and gradually lower it as the season goes on (but don’t cut it too short – see tip below).
5. Remove daisies and dandelions by hand with a weed grubber on small lawns. Remember, the more you cut your lawn, the fewer weeds you’ll have.
6. It is not always practical to water lawns. Don’t panic if your lawn goes brown in patches over the summer as grass tends to bounce back the following spring.

Seed or turf?

When preparing a new lawn, you’ll need to remove stones and fill hollows. Once it’s level, tread or roll the lawn and then rake it to prepare a fine tilth.
A lawn grown from seed is much cheaper, but it will take longer to establish than a turfed lawn. Choose a seed suitable for your garden – hard wearing and shade mixes are available.
If you lay turf, you can use the lawn lightly almost straight away but you’ll need to keep a very close eye on watering.

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