How to: Protect Garden Furniture

Furniture care is so important, look after it and you'll enjoy years of use. Follow our tips for furniture that'll last: 


  • If you can store your furniture undercover in winter, that's ideal.
  • If storage is an issue, invest in covers to protect your furniture from the elements.
  • Wooden furniture will need sanding down and treating with wood preservative or oil every year. Wash it regularly with a wood-cleaning product, too.
  • Aluminium garden furniture won't rust, but if the coating gets damaged it may peel –to prevent this, touch up the affected area with matching metal paint. Colours may fade if you don't clean it regularly.
  • Wash down synthetic rattan furniture with soapy water – use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment to remove loose dirt first.
  • Plastic and metal furniture should be washed down with soapy water once a year, too.
  • Wrought iron or steel furniture will rust if it gets knocked. Rub down damaged areas with steel wool and repaint with exterior metal paint.
  • Store fabric cushions and seats under cover in winter.
  • Make sure your parasol is closed when not in use, but open it out to dry if it gets wet.

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