How to: Plant Our Top 3 Summer Bulbs

As long as the spring offers some warmth, it’s time to plant these in beds or containers. Try our top three summer flowering bulbs to plant now...



There are lilies for almost every situation, either towering over you or for the front of the border. For a real showstopper, choose Lilium Stargazer with its highly fragrant, deep pink and white blooms, ideal for cutting. It grows a metre high.



Flamboyant blooms on stems up to a metre tall make these a real winner. The flowers, present from July until September, are perfect for cutting and their vibrant colours add drama to any garden. Ideal for sun or partial shade.



The bright, fiery orange or red flowers of these robust plants bloom in late summer and are perfect for the middle of a border. Very easy to grow, you can expect plants to reach about a metre tall and to create a healthy clump.

A range of bulbs are available now in-store.

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