How to: Plant a statement pot

Give your garden a spot of designer style by filling containers with plants that look fabulous and provide year-round interest. Planting couldn’t be easier, meaning you’ll soon be enjoying a stylish display that will transform your outdoor space for months to come. Follow our handy guide for guaranteed success, and use our top tips to make light work of planting a truly amazing patio container. We’ve listed everything you need to create a beautiful look – just follow our shopping list and you can’t go wrong. Choose plants that provide lots of structure, considering beautiful foliage and evergreen colour as you plunder what’s on offer. And dare to be bold – plump for the most striking plants you can find to really make a statement.

What you'll need:

How to plant a statement pot:

Step 1
Put a few stones or broken china in the bottom of your pot. This handy idea helps to save compost and improve drainage.

Step 2
Half fill the pot with soil-based compost. You’ll find this in-store and it’ll provide plants with plenty to keep them going for months on end.

Step 3
Add a handful of slow-release fertiliser granules. These will give your plants an extra boost to keep them healthy and full of growth.

Step 4
Next mix in some water-retaining gel. This clever stuff helps compost retain liquid, meaning you won’t need to water your pot as often.

Step 5
Add your plant carefully removing it from its pot. Gently tease the roots with your fingers as you go.

Step 6
Add more compost to fill the gap between the pot and the plant. This is the moment to get your hands really dirty!

Step 7
Give your container a really good drink, going gently to avoid spilling water over the edge of the pot.

Step 8
Top the compost with a layer of pebbles – this will give a designer finish with the added bonus of retaining moisture. 

How to: plant a statement pot

Plant several identical containers for a look full of designer edge – it’s an easy way to get a high-end feel with little effort.

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