How to: Plant a patio pot

Fill your patio with gorgeous flowers and non-stop colour by planting a few pots. They’re a quick and easy way to transform the area outside your backdoor, meaning you’ll be surrounded by blooms and ready to enjoy your garden in no time. Just follow this step-by-step planting guide and you’re on to a winner – it’s full of nifty tips and all you need to guarantee a beautiful display for months to come. We’ve listed everything you need, although don’t worry if you like the look of other plants we’ve got in-store – just mix and match what takes your fancy and ask one of our team if you’re not sure. And have fun – planting a patio container is a great way to get your creative juices flowing!

What you'll need:

How to plant a patio pot:

Step 1
Put a few stones or broken china in the bottom of your pot. This handy idea helps to save compost and improve drainage.

Step 2
Half fill the pot with compost. You’ll find special container compost in-store, although general multi-purpose compost will do the trick.

Step 3
Add a handful of slow-release fertiliser granules. These will give your plants all the nutrients they need, meaning you don’t have to worry.

Step 4
Next mix in some water-retaining gel. This clever stuff helps compost retain liquid, meaning you won’t need to water your pot as often.

Step 5
Add your plants one at a time, taking care when you remove them from their pots. Gently tease the roots with your fingers as you go.

Step 6
Add more compost to fill any gaps between plants, pushing it down with your fingers. This is the moment to get your hands really dirty!

Step 7
Give your container a really good drink, going gently to avoid spilling water over the edge of the pot.

Step 8
Now for the best bit – put your container in place and enjoy your handiwork. Make sure the best side is facing forward. 

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